5 Benefits That You Are Missing If You Are Not Taking Glutathione

5 Benefits That You Are Missing If You Are Not Taking Glutathione

Are you experiencing the health benefits of glutathione? Take a look at five of the key benefits this supplement can have for your health. 

You might not have heard of glutathione before, but perhaps it’s time you did your research. Glutathione is an antioxidant found within the cells, contributing to many of their functions, including supporting the immune system and helping the liver to process fats. 

Glutathione levels in the body have been found to decrease with age, with poor nutrition and stress also being contributing factors to a decline. Supplements are available to help boost your glutathione so that your body can experience the benefits.

If you’re not taking glutathione, here are five key benefits that you could be missing out on.

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1. It could aid oxidative stress

Your body needs to be able to defend itself from free radicals. Having high levels of free radicals that the body can’t fight off leads to oxidative stress, which could lead to many diseases. Studies have found a lack of glutathione increases oxidative stress, and therefore could be a contributing factor for diseases like cancer.

2. It can help fight the signs of aging

Your levels of glutathione can decrease with age, but glutathione supplements could help fight the signs of aging. A study found that glutathione had a positive effect on key aging signs such as sun spots and wrinkles, helping to lighten skin and improve its elasticity. It could also stimulate the production of collagen - a very well-known ingredient in the world of anti-aging.

3. It could help reduce cell damage caused by liver disease

There are many things that can contribute to liver disease, including alcohol abuse and hepatitis. A study has shown that in non-alcohol related liver disease, glutathione can help reduce cell damage. Glutathione has antioxidant and detoxifying properties that could prove effective alongside healthier lifestyle choices.

4. Helps improve insulin resistance in older people

As people age, the body becomes more resistant to insulin, which can lead to weight gain and more serious consequences such as diabetes. A study carried out by the Baylor School of Medicine found that those who were given supplements to boost their glutathione levels had improved fat burning and insulin resistance on as little as two weeks. 

5. It could improve psoriasis 

There have been links between whey protein and an improvement in psoriasis symptoms for sufferers. While further research is needed, whey protein has been shown to increase glutathione levels, due to the amino acids it contains. 

A lot of research has been undertaken into the health benefits of glutathione, with some promising results for your skin, your immune system and your overall health. When taken as part of a healthy diet, glutathione, alongside collagen and glutamic acid, could help enjoy a range of antioxidant benefits, as well as lighter, brighter skin. If you’re not already taking glutathione, take a look at Young+ and see how it could help boost your overall health.
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